Thursday, December 22, 2016

Logo Design Ideas

In today life marketing is equally important as your products. Your company logo represents your image to your customers.That is why the companies spend so much time and money to make their logo unique and appealing. It is not an easy job to do company logo design. Many companies opt for multicolored logos and some other companies opt for simple logos. It is advisable to go for the simple logos. Company logo designing is tough because one needs to understand what type of products and image the company wants to project. Some recent surveys show us that the companies who have logos do appeal more to the customers than the companies without symbols. With that note in your mind you should start working on your company logo designing.

When you are into company logo designing then you must take care of a few things. The symbol must have some words and graphics both. You must not just make it too big or too small. It should look clutter free and sleek. Your potential customers must understand your company symbol and even if they do not understand they must get attracted towards your company. It is a part of your marketing strategy and it needs to be perfect. If you cannot spend thousands of dollars for your logo you can still hire some affordable designing companies and ask them to design your company symbol. There are many companies who opt for cheap designing firms and then end up having something cluttered and not classy as it.

Remember one thing that simplicity rules in logo industry.When a simple logo can create wonders then why should you go for some complex graphics and symbol? When your symbol becomes your representative and can bring a lot of customers and respect to your company then you must take special care about your company logo designing. If you have any idea in your mind then you can say that to your designing firm. There are plenty of interesting logo designing ideas you can find on internet and you can even have invent one. If your idea is unique then it will reflect itself. Make sure that the company charges nothing to edit or reedit the logo. There are many companies who charge extra for editing and reediting. You must not get trapped into that.

The second post

Well, here we are. Thoughts From a Small Office has a new home at blogspot. The blog has been running for quite some time, it was over at Opera originally but it needed a slightly new direction and having looked at the options I decided on this one. How it will pan out I really have no idea but the content of the posts will remain, by and large, the same as always.... which is a bit of all sorts. There really is no theme, it just goes wherever the mood takes it and volume of content will depend on how much time I have at my disposal, or if I feel that I've got something worth nattering on about.

The title of the blog is what it is, thoughts from a small office, which is the small office here in my home. Home is Yorkshire, England, in an average sized town which nestles on the outskirts of two cities, urban but only a stones throw away from some wonderful countryside. The house is a big old Victorian affair.

I have a wife of  many years [referred to as Mrs G for the purpose of this blog] and two offspring, who haven't sprung off yet, even though they are both adults... but we all get along famously so the house is a happy one. The small office is where I can usually be found, it's where I come to get away from the things I prefer to avoid, mainly the TV... I also do work from here as well, much of the time, which is nice.

When I'm not in here I'm either out cycling, I'm a keen cyclists and have been for more years than I care to remember, or enjoying a good long walk, watching my local Sunday league football team, or out with my friends enjoying a few beers and a good laugh. Simple things to most, I'm sure, but those are the things that keep me sane. I know my way around computers [don't call me if yours goes wrong] and have an interest in trying out various software in my spare time, although it has to be free because I'm way past paying for it.. I like music from classical to rock, ambient to blues, dub to funk.. in fact there's not much in the way of  music that I don't like and I've accumulated a large collection over the years, which is a source of great pleasure to me.

I enjoy the outdoors, lots of walking, running, a bit of climbing, all that. I like to keep myself reasonably fit in the winter and then really go for it in the warmer months of the year... of which there aren't too many around here, and certainly not at the moment, and like most people I like to travel.

Not much more to add to all that, except to say that I'm 53 years old, act half that most of the time, look like a Yeti, don't take life too seriously unless I have to, which isn't often. I like bars that stay open late, where the beer is cheap, the music is loud, and the company is good...  there's one in every town.

That's it, second post on blogger done... I'll maybe transfer a couple of posts from the old one onto here and then carry on as before, posting whenever and about whatever. If you followed the link from the old one over to here then I'm glad you could make it. Stay tuned and we'll see how it goes.

Thoughts from a small office... read by a few, revered by none.

... and here's a thought..

"He who builds according to every man's advice 
will end up with a crooked house" ~~ Danish Proverb